Our Residents

  • Take an active role in the interview process and selection of incoming residency class
  • Advocate for patients and access to quality care
  • Experience a multicultural environment and diverse backgrounds
  • Support each other’s wellness

Ghaith QudahGhaith Qudah, MD

Medical School: University of Jordan
Professional Career Interests: Colorectal surgery
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Soccer, watching TV series
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Discovering the Great Lakes area and all the amazing views in Michigan

Mohamed HusseinMohamed Hussein, MD

Medical School: University of Cairo Faculty of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: Thoracic surgery
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Play violin, soccer
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Enjoying the beautiful and charming nature of Saginaw and nearby cities

Najiha FarooqiNajiha Farooqi, MD

Medical School: Aga Khan University Medical College
Professional Career Interests: Cardiothoracic surgery
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, reading, dancing
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Traveling and spending time in the north, shopping

Becky LongBecky Long, MD

Medical School: Peking University Health Science Center and Tongji University School of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: Surgery
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Travelling, cooking
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Attending Traverse City Cherry Festival, biking around Mackinac Island, snowboarding in Harbor Springs

Maxim ShaydakovMaxim Shaydakov, MD, PhD

Medical School: S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy
Professional Career Interests: Vascular and endovascular surgery
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Skiing, snowboarding, skating, traveling
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Fall foliage, hunting

Emmanuel Luciano LorenzoEmmanuel Luciano Lorenzo, MD

Medical School: Instituto Technologico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud
Professional Career Interests: Cardiothoracic surgery
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Baseball, watching documentaries, and hanging with my friends
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: I am still learning about the area, but I enjoy trying new restaurants and socializing outside of work with my co-residents.

Felipe PachecoFelipe Pacheco, MD

Medical School: Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador Facultad de Medicina
Professional Career Interests: I am interested in several aspects of surgery. I am inclined towards surgical oncology, hepatobiliary surgery, and transplants, but there are several other specialties that I haven't experienced yet.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Swimming, running, grilling, going out for dinner with friends
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: I like going with friends to nearby cities to try new restaurants or going up north to visit new places. Saginaw is close to several big cities that are great to visit if you have a weekend off.

Anastasiya ShchatskoAnastasiya Shchatsko, MD

Medical School: Belarussian State Medical University
Professional Career Interests: General surgery, Endocrine surgery, Transplant surgery
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Kayaking, hiking, traveling, gardening
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Lake Michigan and Lake Superior sightseeing and swimming

Sundarachalam PindicuraSundarachalam Pindicura, MD

Medical School: Siddhartha Medical College
Professional Career Interests: Interested in surgical oncology and minimally invasive surgery
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Gaming, table tennis, spending time with family
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: I'm still exploring Michigan!

Sinong QianSinong Qian, MD

Medical School: Southern Medical University
Professional Career Interests: Minimally invasive surgery
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, biking, sushi, Korean drama
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Trying new restaurants with my co-residents

Eduardo SerpaEduardo Serpa, MD

Medical School: Universidad de Cuenca Facultad de Ciencias Medicas