Bakke Lab

The Bakke lab focuses on genetic screens that aim to uncover basic biology in the realm of pancreatic cancer and metabolic regulation. This lab has developed a screening pipeline that combines pooled CRISPR screens and siRNA screens to identify essential genes and other genes of interest within a variety of cellular phenotypes. 

Jesse Bakke wears a white lab coat, blue gloves, and safety glasses as he works with test tubes under a fume hood.The Bakke Lab also has several collaborations on campus and beyond investigating astrocyte reprogramming following a stroke, treatment strategies targeting glioblastoma, and CRISPR targeting Huntington’s disease. Additionally, Bakke collaborates with an industry partner to investigate and optimize the extraction of microbial nucleic acids from complex solutions used to identify pathogens of concern in environmental samples.


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Interested in joining?

Undergraduate, graduate, post-baccalaureate students, and postdoctoral fellows interested in joining, please contact Jesse Bakke.