Audiology Clinical Opportunities

As a student in the audiology program, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on experiences in all areas of audiology. Our on-campus clinic in the Carls Center for Clinical Care and Education provides services to the surrounding community. Patients are seen in our clinic for adult and pediatric diagnostic testing, electrophysiologic testing, vestibular evaluations, hearing aid selection and fitting, cochlear implant assessment and programming, auditory processing evaluation, and tinnitus assessment. You also have the opportunity to complete off-campus placements at various practices, including hospitals, Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) offices, private audiology practices, nursing homes, and educational audiology settings.

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From the very start of the audiology program, you are assigned to clinical experiences. Clinical assignments begin with observation and assisting in appointments. You slowly increase your involvement in appointments and your independence throughout the program. An 8-10 week off-campus placement is completed during the summer of your second year. Your fourth and final year in the audiology program will consist of a full-time clinical externship. 

You also have the opportunity to work on community outreach events using Mobile Health Central. These are community-based wellness events where audiology screenings and services are provided to individuals free of charge.

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Guided tour of the audiology clinic