JNEP Phase Two Information

Grade requirements for entry to phase two

  • You must earn a grade of C or higher for all phase one courses.
  • You must earn a grade of B- or higher in HSC 214 (Human Anatomy) and HSC 215 (Human Physiology).
  • You must take HSC 214 (Human Anatomy) and HSC 215 (Human Physiology) from the same college or university.
  • All phase one courses may be taken a maximum of two times. If you need to take a course for a third time, you are required to seek a course exemption from the nursing program director.
  • Your overall GPA must be 2.9 or higher.
  • You must successfully complete the Health Education Systems, Inc. (HESI) examination.

HESI examination

All HESI examinations are completed at the Mid Michigan College, Mt. Pleasant Campus.

Welcome day and orientation day

You are required to attend a mandatory welcome day and orientation day when accepted into the MID Program. Due to the short turnaround time for the students admitted for the winter/spring start at the Mt. Pleasant campus, it is necessary for students to attend an information session as scheduled prior to admission into the program. Information sessions are mandatory for all students admitted to the program. Students must review and begin gathering the documents listed in the CMU-MID JNEP Post MID admission requirements document.

Drug screens and criminal background checks

Once admitted into the program, you are required to complete drug screens and criminal background checks before beginning phase two.


A reliable mode of transportation is required for phase two. Phase two includes clinical experiences at different healthcare settings in the Tri City and Central Michigan areas. Therefore, you must plan for reliable mode of transportation.

Points for success in phase two of the JNEP program

  • Phase two nursing courses successfully completed at MID can only be transferred to CMU’s BSN program to earn a BSN from CMU. The courses will otherwise not be transferrable to CMU or any other nursing program.
  • While enrolled in phase two courses at MID, you are required to adhere to all Mid Michigan College’s Nursing Program policies including clinical placement requirements, grading scale, and readmission process.
  • If you are not successful in phase two of the program, you will not be able to complete phase three at CMU. Therefore, it is crucial that you use every resource available to you from CMU and MID to ensure successful completion of phase two.
  • Once you have successfully completed two full semesters of phase two of the program, you can take up to 12 credits of phase three courses before earning your RN license. You cannot complete phase three without a valid RN license.
    • You can take twelve credits during the summer semester or at the end of phase two while preparing for the NCLEX examination.
  • You will not be able to take any courses at CMU during the fall and spring semester when you are actively enrolled in nursing courses at MID. However, you may opt to take the 300 level RN-to-BSN courses online at CMU during the summer, up to 12 credits.