Faculty Development


The Office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development provides support for all faculty in the College of Medicine at Central Michigan University. We offer ongoing development opportunities related to instructional methods and evaluation, educational program leadership, mentoring and scholarly activity. Through workshops, campus events, individual and department consultations and certificate programs, we aim to provide outstanding professional development for our medical faculty and to support a high quality patient-centered, evidence-based medical education program within the College of Medicine.

We hope to supply our faculty with resources on teaching, working with learners, research and scholarship, and more.

Faculty resources

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Leadership in Medical Education

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Academy of medical educators

The newly created Academy of Medical Educators is a group of distinguished professionals who serve as a resource for the academic mission of the College of Medicine. The Academy supports innovation and scholarship in medical education, mentoring, leadership, and career development throughout the institution, and affiliated sites. Through the Academy, the College of Medicine recognizes excellence, innovation, and effectiveness.

Contact us at  CMED_FD@cmich.edu for more information on the Academy of Medical Educators.

Medical Education Teaching and Learning (METL) certificate program

The Medical Education Teaching & Learning (METL) Certificate Program helps faculty develop in the areas of education, scholarship and innovations, and leadership in medical education. By participating in this program, the faculty will connect with current practices and best evidence in areas of medical education. Modules will be available online and are appropriate for faculty in Foundational Sciences and Medical and Surgical Sciences.

Contact us at  CMED_FD@cmich.edu for more information on the METL Certificate Program.

Peer-to-peer coaching program

Central Michigan University College of Medicine participates in a faculty peer-to-peer coaching program in conjunction with six other Michigan medical schools. The goal of the program is to connect faculty to peers through career development, networking, and social activities, support faculty to improve their ability to articulate and formulate plans to actively pursue and achieve their career goals, enhance faculty self-efficacy and leadership skills, foster a growth mind-set and enhance professionalism that fosters diversity through different perspectives/experiences. For further information, please contact us at  cmed_fd@cmich.edu.

Check back regularly as our resources will be updated periodically. Contact us if you have a suggestion for a resource to add.