Office of Medical Education

The offices and functions administered by the senior associate dean for academic affairs support the educational and curricular programs of the four-year curriculum. CMU's College of Medicine is a unique, integrated educational program with a large amount of group-based learning in years one and two. Years three and four include a four-month Comprehensive Community Clerkship. The distributed medical education program, based on the mission of the college, utilizes a wide range of rural and urban communities across Michigan. A number of offices and functions provide student support from pre-admission to graduation, ranging from curriculum to student counseling.

This office has oversight and management of all aspects of the medical curriculum as well as student assessment and course evaluation. We support the delivery of the program, the lifelong development of students and faculty, and the learning activities that utilize simulation and standardized patients. Program content is guided by the CMU College of Medicine General Competencies.

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Medicine, College of



Medicine, College of