Carls Center for Clinical Care and Education

About us

The Carls Center for Clinical Care and Education is the premier specialty rehabilitation center in Mid-Michigan pooling the talents of exceptional clinicians, faculty, and students at Central Michigan University. We are here to serve your audiology, speech language pathology (SLP), physical therapy (PT) and psychology needs.

We're a recognized provider of high quality, specialized clinical care and rehabilitation by excelling in the areas of:

  • Patient care
  • Community involvement
  • Patient, family and community education
  • Clinical training, education, and research
  • Customer service

We are also the site for student-run clinics that are supervised by licensed physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists or audiologists.

Vision statement

The Carls Center for Clinical Care and Education will provide leading clinical care and education across multiple disciplines.

Carls Center service goals:

  • Provide advanced clinical education settings and experiences for learners, clinicians, and staff.
  • Provide leading clinical care to patients, families, and the community being served.
  • Integrate training and care delivery in ways that enhance both goals.