Maryann Beckwith Gallery

The Mary Ann Beckwith Gallery is an exhibition space located in the north wing of the Education and Human Services (EHS) Building on the campus of Central Michigan University. The gallery is the location of the Interior Design program’s Senior Exhibition which is hosted each semester with an opening reception.  The gallery also hosts other special art exhibitions that align with our mission. The EHS building is also home to a permanent art collection consisting of more than 30 contemporary paintings and representational works. 

The Mary Ann Beckwith Gallery mission is to educate and inspire creativity and imagination of students, faculty, staff, and guests. It is a casual and serendipitous gallery that plays a fundamental role in learning and community engagement through a spectrum of high-quality art exhibits.  The gallery provides a platform for outreach and enrichment through educational events such as exhibition receptions and artist lectures to the college, campus community and the general public.