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This state-of-the-art preschool provides a rich learning environment to provide both applied experiences observing and working with young children and a venue for faculty and student research on early childhood development and learning. The CDLL houses Michigan's only Brazelton Touchpoints Center, which provides training and practice in nurturing positive interactions.

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The vision of the Child Development and Learning Laboratory (CDLL) is to provide one of Michigan's most relevant, comprehensive, and innovative educational, developmental, and professional opportunities for Central Michigan University students, children, families, and Early Childhood Professionals.


The program exists to:

  • Provide a laboratory in which university students observe, participate, train, and study children under the supervision of trained early childhood teachers.
  • Provide a facility for research in child development and family relationships at Central Michigan University.
  • Provide an enriched program that meets the needs of young children in the areas of social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and language development.
  • Include all enrolled children in a national model of developmentally appropriate programming.
  • Promote among families a greater understanding of their child's growth and development.
  • Encourage families and significant adults to be involved in meaningful ways, in their child's educational experience.

In its work with young children, the target program's goals are to build:

  • Self-confidence, initiative, and a positive self-image.
  • A feeling of love, respect, and belonging.
  • Friendliness and consideration for others.
  • An enthusiasm for active learning.
  • An inquiry-based approach to learning.
  • An ability to solve problems.