Education and Human Services Residential College

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You'll find support in our community 


The EHS Residential College is a community that supports freshman and transfer students with core programming designed around each of these 5 areas:

  • Community
  • Leadership
  • Academics
  • Service 
  • Scholarship 
By choosing this friendly, supportive community, you're given opportunities to excel as an individual and as part of a team focusing on academics, community building, volunteer service, leadership development, and professional development.​

Participating in the EHSRC requires a commitment to engaged, active learning. All members of this community must seek majors/minors within the College of Education and Human Services.

    We're your home during your time here and are committed to providing you the highest quality educational experiences to support your exploration and discovery among other future education and human service leaders. By participating in the Education & Human Services Residential College (EHSRC), you will explore emerging ideas, engage in campus events, and create connections with others who share a commitment to enhancing life and learning. Through your shared experiences, you'll expand your understanding of self and the issues facing our increasingly diverse and complex world.

    Field experiences, internships, service-learning opportunities, and study abroad programs will further enhance your college experience. Our learning communities provide more opportunities for pre-professional students to work collegially with fellow students and faculty from their particular fields of study.

    We are the Future Educators Learning Community (FELC), a community within the EHSRC. This community brings learning to life through hands-on experiences in school settings, participation in applied scenarios, networking with local leaders, and building connections with exemplary education professionals, all in an effort to support the goals of CMU students striving to make a positive impact on youth. The FELC is intentionally small, with 25 or fewer participants, so everyone knows each other and receives individualized attention in class.

    You'll deepen your learning and knowledge with three courses specific to the Future Educators Learning Community.

    Required courses in the Fall semester:

    ​EDU 107 - Introduction to Teaching (3cr).
    HDF 100WI - Lifespan Development (3cr).
    SPE 250 - Reaching and Teaching Diverse Learners (3cr)​.

    Learn how to teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subject matter through hands-on research and creative experiences as you live and learn within this prestigious STEM community.

    Collaborate and work alongside a group of future teachers who live and learn in the Education and Human Services Residential College.

    STEM Education Scholars:

    • qualify for early registration for math and science courses.
    • gain special access to academic advisors and exemplary educators.
    • work with local K-12 schools and other student-serving organizations.
    • assist with a variety of STEM workshops on campus.

    learn more about the STEM scholar program