Welcome to DeafBlind Central

At DeafBlind Central (DB Central), we maintain the belief that individuals who are DeafBlind share equally in the respect, opportunity, and life enjoyment afforded to all individuals.

DB Central provides free services, year-round, for both families and professionals who support students who have combined vision and hearing loss from ages birth to 26.

Informational Brochures


DeafBlind Central staff can support you at home or at school by:

  • providing information and resources.
  • conducting training on best practices.
  • offering guidance for transition planning.
  • facilitating Person-Centered Planning.
  • observing services and providing recommendations.
  • reviewing video clips and providing recommendations.
  • helping to determine appropriate services.
  • fostering parent engagement and empowerment.
  • finding adult mentors for teens who are DeafBlind.
  • making parent-to-parent connections.


If you need something in an alternative format for accessibility, please let us know by calling toll-free at 1-888-758-0508 or 1-989-546-4626, or via email at dbcen@cmich.edu.

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