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Are you looking to gain valuable volunteer and service experience? Learn more about what’s involved with being a student ambassador and find out how to apply.​​

Become a CEHS Ambassador

The Education and Human Services Residential College is a community that supports freshmen and transfer students who are pursuing education and human service-related professions.

Benefits and How to Apply

Develop a strong core of STEM subjects and build professional skills to enhance your teaching. Other benefits include a tuition stipend, attendance at a STEM conference, and more!

Benefits and How to Apply

Human Development and Family Studies

AEYC strives to improve professional practice and working conditions
in early childhood education and to build public support for high quality
early childhood programs.

A student organization that builds relationships and educates the elderly
in nursing homes and elderly care facilities about the use of technology.

The CLSA is for students interested in or actively pursuing a career as a child life specialist.

CTC is a service-learning group that supports individuals with disabilities and their families, it provides mentorship and aids in socialization skills through fun activities.

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The FRC promotes community service and professional development opportunities. Service projects include making blankets for foster care children, sending care packages to soldiers stationed overseas and book drives for Mount Pleasant families.

REaCh is for those interested in children and their welfare. Our focus is providing educational resources and first-hand experiences with children in the community.

SAVE strives to promote knowledge on the topic of Autism and its spectrum across the campus and in the surrounding community. Students can volunteer at Autism related events and raises funds for research in the field of Autism.

Teacher and Special Education

We provide professional development, networking, and community service opportunities to future teachers and inspire them to be outstanding leaders in and out of the classroom. Open to all education majors.

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Dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

CMLACMU provides information, support, and fellowship to students interested in growing as professional middle-level educators. 

KDP is an undergraduate honorary society that fosters excellence in education and promotes leadership in the teaching profession. 

NAEA is a group of education majors and minors who believe art is important for children and the education system. Our goal is to supplement our education by leading activities to become better leaders, educators and knowledgeable citizens of the community.

Chapter 102 of the NAME provides members with professional development through demonstrations, discussions, performing groups, and lectures. 

The NCTESA is an organization devoted to improving the teaching of language arts at all levels of education. Through community involvement, regular meetings on campus and the national organization, we work to promote the creation of excellence in English and Language Arts education. 

NSTA welcomes all CMU students interested in the teaching and learning of science at the elementary or secondary level.

REaCh is for those interested in children and their welfare. Our focus is providing educational resources and first-hand experiences with children in the community. 

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SCEC advances the education of individuals with exceptionalities and promotes related, educational, scientific, and charitable purposes. 

Fashion, Interior Design, and Merchandising

The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists is a national organization founded in 1921, with its headquarters in North Carolina. The AATCC student chapter in CMU provides opportunities in educational and professional development for students interested in fashion and textiles and helps prepare them for the ever-evolving industries of textiles and apparel materials.

This organization is for students focused on interior design and improving the built environment. Run by and for interior design students, we offer support by organizing and hosting a variety of activities such as studio nights, special topics workshops, field trips and more.

FASA strives to give every inspired and/or Fashion and Creative Art student the opportunity to come together and showcase their talents, ideas and designs.

If you are planning a career in fashion and the retail industry, join the Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design student organization. We encourage creativity, passion and professionalism as members gain industry experience through travel, the planning of Threads — Central Michigan University’s renowned spring fashion show and philanthropic causes.

Join the new Mentorship Program. You can connect with another fashion student to share knowledge and experience and to achieve your academic, social and career goals. Participate as either a mentor or a mentee. Check our message on Instagram @cmu_famd for more information.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) foundation is the world’s largest retail trade association. The NRF student chapter at CMU provides students with various opportunities in their educational and professional development in the area of retail by having them join the annual NRF student program in New York City. By attending the NRF student program, students can learn about unique opportunities for their future careers in retail and meet with recruiters from numerous brands at the event.

The Threads Fashion Show is a student-run production that provides a platform for aspiring apparel designers and for those students desiring experience in the numerous aspects of fashion production including public relations, photography, video production, graphic design, model management, choreography, stage lighting and design, web design, program guide development, fundraising, booking venues and services, lining up talent, and presenting the show. 

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VERGE Magazine is a student-run magazine and registered student organization at CMU. VERGE invites students of all interests and majors to come together to use their creativity in whatever space it best thrives. VERGE aims to provide a safe and accepting space for students to explore and expand their creative abilities and gain experience in their industry. Follow them on Instagram @vergecmu

Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services Administration

The Adventure Center facility is the only one of its kind in Michigan. Novices are welcome to try their hand at scaling a wall, and experienced climbers are invited to fine-tune their ascension skills. Open climb hours are during the school year and season passes are available.

AREP members gain firsthand experience in the recreation and event management field, along with developing a professional network.

This is a student-led organization of nature lovers, rock climbers, skydivers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Club hosts two large trips each year. Additional smaller trips are planned on weekends.

PORC collaborates with organizations and agencies such as the US Forest Service; Mt. Pleasant Parks and Recreation; US Fish and Wildlife Service; and the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy to provide volunteer and service projects.

RallyCap Sports is an organization focused on providing a sports program for individuals with special needs. We aim to match each participant with a volunteer during each sports season. Our organization helps facilitate three seasons of sports, with 5-week seasons and practices once a week. We also hold community events throughout the year for our families, participants, and volunteers to hangout and have fun! We are focused on having fun and building friendships, while teaching our participants sports skills, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and supporting them as they grow and develop.

The RTSC expands student knowledge and provides an experiential learning tool for students with a major or minor in Recreational Therapy.