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We've got a variety of programming to meet your interests and schedules. We provide opportunities for Pre-K-12th  grade students with options for real-time classes, live events, and videos to view at your own pace. We're listening to you and updating our opportunities frequently. You won't want to miss out, sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new events are open for you!

Spring 2023 Events


Formerly known as Open Make, the newest version of this monthly student event is a combination of guided activity and free maker play. Each month's goal is to foster curiosity, creativity, and community. We aim to do this by exposing students to a wide variety of maker materials and tools that they will apply to the particular monthly project. Along with specific skills, students are likely to practice problem-solving, perseverance, patience, flexible thinking, and collaboration. Closing this event with free play, is our way of elevating students' need for voice and choice as valued members of our maker community.

Facilitated by Center Staff members and supported by STEM Education Scholars, this drop-off event is for parents and drop-in event for students in grades 3 - 8. Please contact us at cese@cmich.edu with your questions. 

  • February 1, 15 
  • March 1, 15
  • April 12, 26
  • May 10, 24
MicroCamp: Weekend Edition
Formerly known as Family Events, the newest version of this monthly community event is a popular carryover from our summer schedule -- MicroCamps! The goal, each month, is to create time and space for students and parents to attend as a maker team (ideal for lower elementary-ages) or for individual makers to try their hand at a new skill (ideal for upper elementary through adult). Please keep in mind that student interest in the topic enhances not only their experience, but also that of their fellow participants.

The flat rate of $10/participant includes free adult registration for students in grades K-2. Any materials needed for the project are included in this cost, some of which will be items you can take, others (such as technology) will be available for you to use during the event.

Center staff members will facilitate the MicroCamp: Weekend Edition event and will offer instructions, examples, or activities as close to 9 a.m. as possible leaving the remaining time available for individual and groups of makers to use toward completing their project. Feel free to stay the entire time or take off early if that best meets your needs.

    Dungeons and Dragons

    This event takes place each week on campus. Light snacks will be provided. Leading the campaign is CMU staff member and longtime D&D Dungeon Master Mike Reuter. Center staff members will coordinate and support this program for middle and high school students. All levels of experience with D&D are welcome.

    B3/IC is a combination of Build a Better Book and Invention Convention. This event is open to students who participated in either Build a Better Book or Invention Convention camp and those interested in starting a project for either program.

    The goal, each month, is to provide students time and access to Center staff and STEM Education Scholar mentors as well as makerspace tools and materials as they work to improve and develop their prototypes and/or presentation boards. By devoting this time to only students participating in these programs, facilitators will have more availability to meet the needs of individuals and groups. This is intended as a drop-off event for parents and an open lab, self-directed student work time for B3/IC participated in grades 3 - 8.

    Contact Amanda Cornwell at cornw2a@cmich.edu to learn more!