Industry Collaborations

baby manikin being used to test diapers

We Provide Solutions

  • Cutting edge equipment for measuring the thermal comfort of infants and adults in a variety of environmental conditions.
  • Textile testing, prototype development and evaluation, wearer trial and fit analysis using state-of-the-art technologies.

Center for Merchandising and Design Technology faculty recognize the importance of learning experiences that go beyond the classroom and the professor. It is important to bring real-world problems to the classroom where students can dissect them, interact with each other in trying to solve them, and can offer solutions evaluated by industry professionals.

Our students offer a unique perspective to prospective companies. First, they are well-grounded in product design, textiles, CAD, and merchandising practices. Secondly, they represent the current generation of young consumers who think and behave differently from the generation that preceded them. Their thoughts, ideas, and current consumer practices are important to everyone involved in designing products and services in the 21st century.

There are two ways you can initiate a project with CMDT — either through a project that is completed in the classroom and involves students and a CMDT faculty member or through a CMDT contract that involves the expertise of the CMDT faculty and facilities.‚Äč

graphic with names of past industry collaborations