You're not going to find a baby like this anywhere else!

Lumi is the only thermal baby manikin in North America. Lumi is used by faculty, industry collaborators and students to research and examine how babies respond to various apparel and textile products under varying environmental conditions such as:

  • Baby clothes, diapers, blankets, bedding.
  • Indoor environments, such as a room or a vehicle.
  • Baby carriers, including car seats and strollers.

Lumi is approximately the size of a 12-month old child and is constructed from a thermally conductive carbon-epoxy shell with inside heating elements and temperature sensors. Spherical ball joints are used at the neck, shoulders and hips, with single-flexure joints at the knees and elbows. All testing with Lumi must occur within an environmental chamber that can control heat and humidity while keeping air velocity at a minimum.