Guidelines for Researchers

A university-based laboratory school balances and supports three primary purposes: teaching, scholarship and service. Simultaneously, valuing, respecting and protecting the basic needs and rights of the children, families and teachers within the program. All research conducted within The Child Development and Learning Lab (CDLL) must also value, respect and protect the basic needs and rights of the children, families and teachers within the program.

All research conducted within the CDLL must adhere to the guidelines listed below as well as guidelines established by the CMU Institutional Review Board and the Code of Ethics of the Society for Research in Child Development.

Research Guidelines

  • Prior to recruiting subjects research projects must:
  1. Complete the CDLL Preliminary Research Form.
  2. Receive approval from the Faculty Director or Lab Director.
  3. Provide an approved IRB application or letter from the CMU IRB.
  • Participation in research will be strictly voluntary for teachers, families, and children. It is the researcher’s responsibility to fully inform each classroom teacher and parent in writing about the goals and procedures of the research study. All participating teachers and families must sign an informed consent form and receive a copy.

  • If a child gives any verbal or nonverbal indication that they are reluctant to participate or do not want to continue after beginning, the researcher must stop the procedure immediately and calmly return the child to the teacher and inform the teacher the child does not wish to participate.

  • Children may not be coerced to participate or continue participation with either verbal or tangible rewards. No candy or other food or non-food gifts may be given to children as a reward for participating or to maintain participation.

  • If children participate in research that required direct interaction with the researcher, on the day of the interaction, the researcher needs to leave a note in the child’s family mailbox near the front lobby desk. The note should include:
  1. Name of researcher and project.
  2. Contact information of researcher, in case the family has questions.
  3. A brief description of what the child did that day in the research project.

CDLL Preliminary Research Form

I have read and adhere to the CDLL Guidelines for Researchers