Undergraduate CAEP Education Data

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) is the primary coordinating body for all of CMU’s teacher preparation and continuing education programs which are distributed across five colleges and involve 20 departments and three interdisciplinary councils. The EPP consists of more than 150 professional education faculty members, the Director of Educator Preparation, the dean of the College of Education and Human Services, and the dean or dean’s designee of each involved college. The work of the EPP is supported by the Office of Educator Preparation Programs housed in the College of Education and Human Services.  The EPP offers 8 graduate programs at the master’s and specialist levels and 20 areas of specialized study at the undergraduate level accredited by CAEP.  CMU has been a leader in teacher education programs since it was founded in 1892 and graduates more than 300 teacher candidates annually.

Measure 1: Completer Impact and Effectiveness

MDE Teacher Effectiveness Rating

Measure 2: Satisfaction of Employers and Stakeholder Involvement

Employer Satisfaction

Alumni Feedback

P-12 Stakeholder Involvement

Affiliation Agreement Database

Measure 3: Candidate Competency and Program Completion

Pass Rates: Michigan Test for Teacher Certification

Measure 4: Ability of Completers to Be Hired in Educator Positions

Percentage of Alumni Teaching

Where Alumni Are Teaching

Awards and Leadership

Professional Growth