List of Educator Programs

The following Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) at Central Michigan University have earned national accreditation until Fall 2023 by demonstrating excellence in the areas of content and pedagogy, clinical experiences, selectivity, program impact, and capacity for continuous improvement.

Early Childhood & Elementary Endorsement Programs

  • Teaching Grades Birth - K Major (ZN)
  • Teaching Grades Birth - 3 Major (ZN & ZO)
  • Teaching Grades PK - 3 Major (ZO)
  • Teaching Grades 3 - 6 Major (ZP)
  • Teaching Grades PK - 6  Major (ZP & ZP) 
  • Early Childhood Development and Learning Major (ZS)

Secondary Endorsement Programs

  • Biology Major (DA)
  • Biology Minor (DA)
  • Chemistry Major (DC)
  • Chemistry Minor (DC)
  • Earth Science Major (DH)
  • Earth Science Minor (DH)
  • English Major (BA)
  • English Minor (BA)
  • Geography Major (CB)
  • Geography Minor (CB)
  • History Major (CC)
  • History Minor (CC)
  • Integrated Science Major (DI)
  • Mathematics Major (EX)
  • Mathematics Minor (EX)
  • Physics Major (DE) 
  • Social Studies Major (Geography and Political Science) (RX)

K-12 Endorsement Programs

  • English as a Second Language Minor (NS)
  • Health and Physical Education Major (MC)
  • Music Ed Major: Choral/General/Instrumental (JQ)
  • Special Education Major - Cognitive Impairment (SA)
  • Special Education Major - Emotional Impairment (SE)

Advanced Endorsement Programs

  • MA in Special Education: Autism Spectrum Disorder (SV)
  • MA in Special Education: Cognitive Impairment (SA)
  • MA in Special Education: Learning Disabilities (SM)
  • Ed.S. in Educational Leadership (Central Office Basic Administrator K-12 Certification) (CO)
  • MA in Educational Leadership (Elementary and Secondary Basic Administrator K-12 Certification) (ES)
  • MA in Reading and Literacy (Reading Specialist) (BR)
  • MA in Counseling: School Counseling Concentration (NT)
  • Specialist in Psychological Services