Additional Endorsements

To add an endorsement to an existing certificate, complete the following steps:

  • Fill out the Endorsement Inquiry form to start the transcript evaluation process, (transcripts will be needed to do this evaluation); if you attended CMU, the Office of Educator Preparation Programs (OEPP) can obtain the necessary transcripts.
  • You are responsible for supplying OEPP with transcripts from other institution(s) attended, including undergraduate coursework.

Transcript evaluation process

  • A letter and your transcripts will be sent by the Certification Officer to the content area department.
  • Your transcripts will be evaluated by the content area department.
  • A copy of the program will be sent to you; the program you receive is considered a signed endorsement program and coursework must be completed from that program.
  • To take coursework at CMU, apply to CMU as an undergraduate non-degree seeking student.
  • When coursework is completed and the subject area test is completed and passed, submit an application to MDE online to add an endorsement to your existing teaching certificate.

Apply to CMU Endorsement Inquiry Form