Special User Groups Interior Design Studio

In the third design studio, you will learn about the special environmental needs of people with disabilities, the elderly, and children in order to create effective design solutions for these populations.

3D view of exterior of center for older adults and children with autism; a while building with various square design/structural elements, and brown brick.
Amber Tetlow

Interior view of the lobby of an assisted living home including man with walker
Katelyn O'Brien & Olivia Earnest

3D View of common space in older adult facility
Erica Lewis

3D view of a waiting room in an autistic center showing a child
Hallie Wolf & Zach Didia

3D view of autistic center playroom with children and adults playing in a large white room with large windows and various plat structures around the room such as a blue playhouse, blue ball, and yellow cushions.
McKenna VanAbel