Study Abroad with Educational Leadership and Higher Ed Studies

Each year the Department of Educational Leadership takes a group of graduate students across the globe to explore unique communities and educational systems.  This CMU-sponsored trip tours places such as South Africa, Ireland, Costa Rica, Singapore, and Spain. Learn about primary and secondary schools, and higher education institutions in other countries, while exploring the cultures and social dynamics of these unique settings.  

Ireland | Summer 2023

June 18 through June 30, 2023

Cost: $5,525 - $6,418 for program fee and tuition. Airfare and miscellaneous expenses are extra.

Cities include:


Bolivia Copacaban City

Bolivia | Summer 2023

May 7, to May 23, 2023

Course: HED 274: Gender and Service in Bolivia

Cost: $5,695 - $6,770 all-inclusive

This trip is a partnership between the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center and Educational Leadership

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