Disney Program Guest Students

We can help with fieldwork credit

If you have discovered that your university does not offer credit for the Disney College Program on your campus, we're ready to help you.

Our Department of Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services Administration (RPL) make fieldwork credit available to all students selected for the program, regardless of major or class status. Students selected for the Disney College Program may earn from 1-15 credits from RPL for their entire Disney experience including work performance, Disney educational offerings, and living/cultural experience.

    RPL 318: Field Course in Recreation 1-15 credits

    (The program is similar to earning internship credit, as it is earned primarily for entry-level work experience in a specialized recreation setting, such as Disney.)


    Students will complete and submit five requirements to earn the RPL fieldwork credit:

    Final paper reflecting program experiences.

    Skills assessment at the end of the program.

    Disney Performance Evaluation form is given to the student by their Disney manager at the end of the program.

    Two informational interviews, networking with professional Disney Cast Members of the student’s choice.

    Enroll and attend several Disney educational offerings. (See Disney's website for current offerings.)

    In order to have your final grades/credit transferred to your school, a transcript request form can simply be completed online. The forwarding of your transcript is a free service for a normal 1-3 day processing request.

    Your Disney College Program work location will assign you a manager who will complete a final performance evaluation at the end of your experience upon your request. We also provide a university supervisor who will contact you periodically and meet with you at an on-site fieldwork meeting once during the semester.

    Fall or Fall Advantage Program: Sept. 15

    Spring or Spring Advantage Program: Feb. 1

    Please fill out the application and submit it for guest student processing. Students are admitted to CMU as “guest students” for the semester that they are in the program. You determine how much fieldwork credit to enroll for here at CMU and how it will assist you with academic requirements at your university.

    Fill out the application

    Contact the Director of the Center for Leisure Services, who coordinates the Disney program here at CMU, for current tuition information. Payment can be made by check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). Sorry, no transfer of financial aid can be used for this program.