Global Experiences

Memorable experiences​

Our global experiences take students to locations such as Westport Ireland, Dominican Republic, and more.  Students ready to student teach and those early in their teacher education program will explore new teaching environments with a diverse classroom and unique learning opportunities.

Westport, Ireland

Observe teaching and participate in classroom activities at select local schools in beautiful Westport, Ireland

Explore:  Witness the theory and methods typically discussed in the classroom, and practice the foundations of elementary, middle, and high school level education in Westport’s diverse schooling system. There will be two CMU professors for both secondary and elementary education that will work together to complement and coordinate the curriculum for your best interests

Discover:  Get out of the classroom and sightsee beautiful places in Westport.

Engage:  If your focus is secondary education you will think critically on psychological foundations and middle to high-level teaching methods. For those whose focus is elementary education, you will be able to observe and reflect on theories of learning and development in a global setting. Everyone will have experiences that help them to re-see education from a new perspective.


Dominican Republic

Live and learn in the capital and largest city of the Dominican Republic!

Explore Santo Domingo's natural beauty, travel city streets, walk on the beaches, and most importantly, have the ultimate student teaching experience.

Explore:Teach in private secondary English-speaking schools that have been chosen for their high academic standards, diverse student and teacher backgrounds, and their curricular offerings.

Discover:Participate in multiple excursions to areas like the Colonial Zone, Boca Chica, and La Cuerva. Take in the coral reefs of the south coast of the island nation and see jungle forest habitats. Even get a chance to learn from the national aquarium and the heritage museums.

Engage:Attend seminars to discuss your student teaching experiences in Santo Domingo in order to help you achieve success in the future.

The global experience you gain here will give you a different educative perspective to use in your career.


Immokalee, Florida

This is an excellent opportunity for an alternative student teaching experience in a diverse setting within the United States. Placement is in the unique small town of Immokalee, home to many migrants and immigrant families who work in the surrounding fields. Immokalee includes a multiethnic student population where 98% receive free/reduced lunch. This is a great opportunity to work with students in poverty.

Explore: Work in a diverse class of students with Spanish as their first language. Additionally, gain perspective through learning about the local Native American tribe.

Discover: The Florida Everglades, a Disney teacher education tour; enjoy airboat rides or spend weekends at the beautiful beaches surrounding Fort Myers and Naples.

Engage: Discuss what you have learned with CMU staff and other student teachers and complete your student teaching and seminars. You will always take with you a piece of Seminole culture from Immokalee.


Earn credit 

For student teaching experiences (elementary and secondary) course credit will be earned for:

  • EDU 432 - Teaching Seminar (3 credits)
  • EDU 458 - Student Teaching (10 credits)

For pre-student teaching experiences credit will be earned for:

  • ELEMENTARY:  EDU 293 (3 credits)
  • SECONDARY:  EDU 310 (3 credits)


Fill out these two applications:

    • Teacher and Special Education Student Teaching Application - the link will be available on your Student Information Sheet (SI Sheet) after attending a mandatory student teaching meeting.
    • Global student teaching application
    • Attend student teaching seminars and informational meetings prior to travel.