Doctorate in Educational Technology Alumni

The D.E.T. at CMU prepares you for a myriad of jobs that are currently in demand in K-12 schools, virtual schools, community colleges, 4-year colleges, and universities as well as corporate, industrial, and military settings.

D.E.T. benefits

For some, the D.E.T. will do more than prepare you for a promotion or a new job. It may change the way you think. Once you have been exposed to the foundational research in educational technology and technology-based training, and the analytical methods to evaluate them rigorously, you may find that you see your career in a different light. You may decide that you want to devote your career to exploring some of the more emergent practices in this field. You may also decide that you want to take your new analytical mindset and apply it to a job rather far afield from your current understanding.

See what the D.E.T. has done for some of our alumni

Katie Baleja

Dr. Katie Baleja 
Hometown: Saginaw, MI

Prior to DET program: I was a middle school science and stem teacher for eleven years.
After DET program: I am an assistant professor of teaching at Wayne State University and an adjunct professor at Michigan State University.

Aside from earning a doctoral degree that is needed for many higher education positions, the DET provided an opportunity to earn the degree in a timely manner, while working full-time, and without having to attend in person. All the DET faculty are supportive and help each student find their own EdTech niche that can easily expand a current career or help open doors for new possibilities.

Ashley McBride

Dr. Ashley McBride 

Prior to DET program: I was a  Educational Technology Coach at a high school in North Carolina. While I was completing my coursework, I was able to move to a District Technology Director Position.  
After DET program: I am  Digital Learning Initiative Section Chief for the Office of Digital Teaching and Learning at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

The ability to complete research throughout the program on my particular needs for my current job allowed me to grow in a way that leaned into my aspirations and interests. The research skills I gained in this program have allowed me to do better data dives into the needs of the people I serve and the most recent best practices to create resources and learning that meet those needs and continue to move forward with new technologies. This is a long way of saying; I have led the charge to rewrite and manage the North Carolina Digital Learning Plan which is the guide for growth in Digital Teaching and Learning for the state. 

Dr. Ellen Strzalkowski
Hometown: New York City:New York

Prior to DET Program: NYC Public High School Teacher 

During Dissertation: Learning Design Strategist at LearningMate 

The tools, strategies, and guidance provided throughout the DET program helped me realize that my professional passion lies in shaping empathetic, personalized, flexible online teaching and learning. This led me to a new career in education beyond the classroom where I now help shape equitable and inclusive SEL-focused digital learning for a wide variety of schools and organizations throughout the U.S.

Jeremy Bond

Dr. Jeremy Bond 
Hometown: Mount Pleasant, MI

Prior to DET program: Administrator, Learning Management Systems
After DET program: The Director of Online Learning at Alliant International University

There’s no doubt the degree helped in terms of the knowledge and ability gained, but also the status of the doctorate itself.  My supervisor, told me himself that my earning the doctorate made the promotions possible.

Robert Norman
Dr. Robert Norman
Hometown: Minot, ND

Prior to DET program: Director of Online Learning at South Arkansas Community College in El Dorado, AR.
After DET program: Director of the Center for Extended Learning at Minot State University in Minot, ND.

I got my new job almost immediately after earning my DET. I believe the coursework, and especially my dissertation, allowed me to explore issues related directly to my job, which includes online learning and academic technology. Incidentally, I am currently teaching adjunct graduate-level education classes. I just completed teaching a class called Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning. My curriculum for the class was heavily inspired by several courses I took at CMU.

Adam Hain
Dr. Adam Hain 
Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Prior to DET: Instructional designer at a health professions institution. 
After DET program: I went on to work at Apple and then Stanford School of Medicine where I am currently Associate Director for Instructional Development. 

I truly believe my hiring was a direct result of the program. I use the creative research skills learned in the DET program daily.

Karrah Zuziak
Dr. Karrah Zuziak  

Hometown: Huntersville, North Carolina

Prior to DET program: Business consultant and project manager for several U.S.-based apparel companies
After DET program: Brand Director at Reflective Apparel - tasked with transitioning apparel products from wholesaler distribution to retailer networks. 

I had a prolific career in the fashion industry and had been serving as a business consultant and project manager for several U.S.-based apparel companies.  I also taught fashion design & marketing at several universities, including CMU. I knew I wanted to teach full-time and needed a terminal degree to meet that goal. I am a CMU BS & MA alum and knew the online option would allow me to continue working in fashion while pursuing my degree.  

While I’ve always been a super-user of fashion-related technology, the expectation of using a myriad of software and platforms concurrently through implementing best practices for online learning/teaching was drilled down in DET.  This was immensely helpful when I was tasked with serving as a Global Trainer of a new ERP system with a multinational corporation.

Tammy Kolski

Dr. Tammi Kolski
Hometown: Newago, MI

Prior to DET program:  Online adjunct instructor, teaching undergraduate courses at two institutions. 
After DET program: I instruct online learners at four masters and/or doctoral Learning Design and Technology university programs as a clinical instructor, teaching associate, or fixed-term lecturer; in addition to still teaching undergraduate students at one university as an adjunct faculty member. 

Having my D.E.T. degree afforded me the credentials to teach doctoral/graduate students. CMU’s DET program provided me with authentic experiences and skills for also becoming a dissertation co-chairperson as well as serving as a dissertation committee member. Having completed CMU’s fully online DET program gave me the unique perspective of having utilized online tools and resources as a student to now better understand the challenges that my current adult, family-oriented, full-time employed learners experience in their own academic journeys. 

Michelle Claypool, a graduate from the Doctorate in Educational Technology program at Central Michigan University, in a white blouse.

Dr. Michelle Claypool
Hometown: Gladwin, MI

Prior to DET program: Ohio State University Medical Simulation Specialist
After DET program:
Simulation Operations Specialist at the Nursing Simulation Center, Saginaw Valley State University

I believe that the DET program helped me transition from my job during/before to my current job through the wealth of knowledge that it provided. Although I am an expert by no means, I strongly believe that the program gave me all of the skills and tools to succeed and excel.
Highlights that I have been able to participate in at SVSU. 
  • Was named to the distinguished Fulbright Specialist Roster 
    • Over the last five years, only 34 individuals have been recipients of the Fulbright Specialist Grant from Michigan. 
    • This program allows me to travel for a two-to-six-week time period. Since I have my Doctorate in Educational Technology, I am looking for a project that deals with technology in remote areas, like Africa or Asia. 
  • Named a Simulation Research Scholar through the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Fellows Academy and Research Committee
  • Received IRB approval to conduct research at SVS

Kalpana Joshi, a graduate from the Doctorate in Educational Technology program at Central Michigan University, in a blue blouse.

Dr. Kalpana Joshi
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Prior to DET program: Technology Assistant in a K-12 school district
After DET program:
The University of Michigan Business Process Technical Analyst in Health Services Education

When I started a new role I realized that the DET program has tailored to shape me with the current educational system requirements, it changed my way of thinking. This is the Best program I can recommend.

Sarah Manacek, a graduate from the Doctorate in Educational Technology program at Central Michigan University, in a gold blouse.

Dr. Sarah Manacek
Hometown: Burlington, VT

Prior to DET program: Lecturer and Clinical Instructor
After DET program: 
Director of Simulation Education and Clinical Instructor at the University of Vermont

Before enrolling in the DET program, I was a Lecturer in a School of Nursing. Recognizing the growing impact of technology in the healthcare setting and in nursing education, I realized that I needed guidance on how to use technology meaningfully. Over the course of the DET program, I developed the necessary knowledge, research, and creativity skills necessary to be a change agent in how we use technology in healthcare and in education. I am now the Director of Simulation Education and a Clinical Assistant Professor at a research university exploring best practices for integrating cutting-edge technologies in the hospital and educational settings.

Dr. Caitlyn Kolhoff 
Hometown: Fredrick, MD

Prior to DET: University Financial Analyst 
After DET program: Assistant Director, Education Programs for a non-profit 

The coursework in the DET program was pivotal to my transition from a career in university finance to non-profit educational programming. Not only did this program teach me to think about the broader issues in education, but it also provided me with the tools and skills to address these issues.