2+CMU Admission Requirements and Resources

Admission to the Teacher Education program is required after a student is admitted to CMU. Students pursuing the Teaching Grades PreK-6 program transfer in the following required criteria:

  • Complete EDU 107 (check your 2+CMU Transfer Guide for the approved equivalency). Completion of EDU 107-Exploring Education: Teaching as a Profession with a minimum grade of a B (3.0) or higher.
  • Minimum 2.8 GPA - A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.8. The GPA will be calculated on the student's cumulative courses or at a regionally accredited institution.
  • Complete ENG 101/201 (check your 2+CMU Transfer Guide for the approved equivalency).  Completion of ENG 101 or ENG 201, with a minimum grade of "B-" (2.7) or higher.

Clinical experiences

    Students will have clinical experience throughout the 2+ CMU program. Students will work with a CMU clinical coordinator to be assigned face-to-face early clinical and pre-student teaching experience placements 

    As admitted teacher candidates, students will be required to participate in clinical experiences at CMU partnership schools or programs, primarily during school hours, working with students in face-to-face scenarios. While minor accommodations related to professional or personal obligations may be considered with timely notification to the OEPP, it will be the responsibility of the candidate to meet the requirements of the course-embedded clinical experiences. This may involve taking time away from work, requesting a flexible work/personal schedule to accommodate fieldwork requirements, or other likewise scheduling arrangements.  All candidates must meet MDE and CMU expectations for rigorous, diverse, and program-specific clinical hours prior to certification.

    While it is possible for a teacher candidate to be employed while taking courses in the Educator Preparation program, employment responsibilities do not supersede coursework or clinical requirements. If employed as a paraprofessional or substitute teacher, teacher candidates will need to make accommodations with their employer to fulfill all clinical requirements at the time, setting, and grade-level determined by the course instructor and/or clinical staff.  The program is designed for teacher candidates to be working under the guidance and mentorship of skilled cooperating educators and therefore, students will not be approved to utilize subbing placements for clinical experiences.

    Placements will be made within a 60-mile radius of the community college at partnership schools and sites. Partnerships will be strategically established within schools, community programs, and early childcare settings that meet the required clinical experiences. Multiple partnership sites may be established within a region to help reduce driving for candidates for clinical experiences when feasible. Students are not permitted to seek out and arrange their own placements. All placements will be arranged and managed by Clinical staff.

    CMU has partnered with targeted schools within the placement region to establish diverse, cohesive, sequential clinical experiences integrated within the educator preparation program coursework. Partnership schools will host teacher candidates and provide cooperating teachers for clinical experiences. CMU Clinical Coordinators will support partnership schools and cooperating teachers in working with teacher candidates and meeting clinical experience requirements.

    It is the responsibility of the candidate to arrange their own transportation to the established site.  

    Student conduct

      All teacher candidates are expected to uphold professional dispositions.

      Learn about our Dispositions

      All students assigned to sites for clinical and/or educational experiences are required to complete and submit an ICHAT criminal background check prior to beginning their first field experience.

      Learn more about an Legal issues/ICHAT

      The Teaching Grades PreK-6 program combines two of the MTTC endorsement bands; Grades PreK-3 (ZO) and Grades 3-6 (ZP). Therefore, students completing this program would take the following required exams:

      Grades PreK - 3 (ZO Endorsement) requires four sub-tests, #117 – 120 (Lower Elementary (PK-3) Education:
      #117 – Subtest 1 – Professional Knowledge and Skills
      #118 – Subtest 2 – Literacy
      #119 – Subtest 3 – Mathematics
      #120 – Subtest 4 – Science and Social Studies

      Test Fees: Subtests 1, 2, and 3 - $59 per subtest
      Subtest 4 - $69
      Subtests 117, 118, 119, and 120 cannot be used to fulfill testing requirements for other endorsements.

      Grades 3 - 6 (ZP Endorsement) requires four sub-tests, #121 – 124 (Upper Elementary (3-6) Education:
      #121 – Subtest 1 – Professional Knowledge and Skills
      #122 – Subtest 2 – Literacy
      #123 – Subtest 3 – Mathematics
      #124 – Subtest 4 – Science and Social Studies

      Test Fees: Subtests 1, 2, and 3 - $59 per subtests
      Subtest 4 - $69

      Resources for the MTTC Teacher Certification Exams