Athletic Training Program Costs

There are costs associated with being enrolled in the athletic training program that is in addition to typical university costs such as tuition, food, housing, books and course fees. They include but are not limited to: immunizations; apparel to adhere to a dress code, first aid and CPR certifications; e-value; drug screening; criminal background checks; and travel to and from off-campus clinical field experience within a 50-mile radius.

Additional costs

RequirementApproximate cost
ACEMAPP fee$50 annually
Criminal background check$10-$20
Drug screening$15-$50 (cost dependent on clinical field experience requirements)
E-Value subscription$173 annually
First aid and CPR certifications$35 
Physical examination$0-$100 (cost dependent on personal health insurance)
TravelTravel costs vary based on the distance (50-mile radius) of the  assigned clinical field experience. Prior to you being assigned to one of those sites, the Clinical Education Coordinator will ensure you have the means to provide transportation for yourself.

Visit the cost of attendance page to learn more about the average estimated costs a student would have if enrolled at CMU for the fall and spring semesters. Scholarships, loans, and other financial aid may be available to qualified students through our program, college, or university. Awards are made on the basis of need, academic promise, and/or personal qualifications. For complete information, visit the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.