Technical Standards

Central Michigan University's athletic training program is a rigorous and intense program that places specific requirements and demands on its enrolled students. Students must possess the perseverance, diligence and commitment to complete the athletic training program as outlined and sequenced. It is the objective of this program to prepare graduates to enter a variety of athletic training employment settings and to render care to a wide spectrum of athletes and physically active individuals. The technical standards set forth by the faculty of the athletic training program establish the essential qualities considered necessary for students admitted to this program to achieve the knowledge, skill, competencies, and proficiencies of an entry-level BOC certified athletic trainer, as well as meet expectations of the program’s accrediting agency.

The abilities and expectations set forth in the Technical Standards must be met by all students selected to the athletic training program and be maintained throughout the student’s progress in the program.

In the event a student is unable to fulfill these technical standards, with or without reasonable accommodation, then the student may be dismissed from the program.

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