Health Professions Research

We are extensively involved in a number of diverse scholarship activities, including both independent research and collaborative efforts with other colleges and universities. Explore our research labs and centers as well as the types of research our college faculty are currently conducting.

Research areas

Externally funded projects

Highlighted below are externally funded research projects conducted by our health professions faculty, staff, and students during the 2022-2023 academic year.

  1. Ksenia Ustinova & Joseph Langenderfer
    Project title: Effectiveness of the NewGait System in Correction of Walking Abnormalities
    Funding agency: NewGait MI LCC
  2. Gregory Zimmerman & Debra Kimball-Christie
    Project title: St. Louis Public Schools Sports Physicals
    Funding agency: St Louis Public Schools
  3. Theresa Jones
    Project title: Clare-Gladwin RESD Writer's Workshop
    Funding agency: Clare-Gladwin RESD
  4. AnnMarie Bates & Daniel Drevon
    Project title: Autism Acceptance Peer Education Grant
    Funding agency: Organization for Autism Research
  5. Imad HaidarProject title: Dow Analytics Support
    Funding agency: Dow Chemical Company
  6. Joseph Inungu
    Project title: Calhoun County Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program
    Funding agency: Calhoun County Mental Health Authority/SAMHSA/USDHHS
  7. Jamie Haines
    Project title: Using Health Marker Report Cards to Improve Self-Efficacy to Manage Parkinson's Disease
    Funding agency: Parkinson's Foundation
  8. Joseph Pomerville & Lyubov Fishman
    Project title: Measuring Value and Confidence of Training with a Top Box Focus Organization Name Michigan Center for Clinical Systems
    Funding agency: Michigan Center for Clinical Systems Improvement