Find Your English Advisor

How do I sign my major?

We recommend working closely with a program faculty member in your field of interest to consult with over the course of your degree.

Any one of our faculty advisors can meet with you to discuss and sign a major with you. Choose an area of interest below and contact an advisor in the field to set up a time to meet. All advisors are available by email, but some have office hours on WebEx.

​Teaching degrees

​​Language Arts

Secondary Education

English as a Second Language (minor)

Non-teaching degrees

​American & British Literature Specialization

World Literature Specialization

​African & African Diaspora Studies​

Native American and Indigenous Studies

​Women and Gender Studies

​​Children's & Young Adult Literature Specialization

​​Creative Writing Specialization​ (fiction and poetry)​

Our Creative Writing faculty members would be happy to talk to you about the program. Contact one of the advisors below to set up an appointment:

Non-fiction Writing Specialization

​​Applied Linguistics Specialization

Transfer students

Interested in transferring to CMU and studying English? Email us or call at 989-774-3171. Whether you're on or off-campus we can set up a meeting with an advisor.

For help with the CMU application process and to find out which of your credits may transfer, you may wish to book an appointment with one of the college's academic advisors.