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Freed, Mark

Professor of English


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Robert Musil: Lessons on Writing Modernity (currently in process).

An exploration of the theoretical contributions the Austrian novelist Robert Musil makes to the effort to capture Modernity in any kind of writing about Modernity.

Robert Musil and the NonModern. New York: Continuum International Publishers, 2011.

This book reads Robert Musil's theory and narrative technique of essayism into the philosophical discourse of modernity in order to put Musil in dialogue with critiques of the modern by Nietzsche, Heidegger, Habermas, and Lyotard.

Peer-reviewed Essays:

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Papers Presented

“Die Berherrschung der Erfahrung.” Musil und die Phänomenologie. Internationale- Robert-Musil-Gesellschaft. Universität Klagenfurt, Austria. April, 2021.

"Temporality and Interruption in Gadamer’s Verständugungsgeschehen.“ Symposium on Romantic Hermeneutics, Washington, D.C. September, 2018.

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"Toward a NonModern NonHumanism." World Knowledge Dialogue Symposium. Crans-Montana, Switzerland, September, 2006.     

"Essaying the Nonmodern Human Sciences."  American Comparative Literature Association Conference,  Princeton University, March 2006. Presenter and organizer of 2-day seminar: Essaying the Human.

"On Functional Relations in Mach and Musil." 3rd European Conference of the International Society for Science and Literature, Université de Paris VIII, June 2004. (Member of International Organizing Committee.)

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"Opening the Border Between Science and the Humanities: Musil's Essayismus." Presenter and organizer of panel "I Know, You Believe: Border Skirmishes Between Science and the Humanities." Annual Meeting of the Society for Literature and Science, SUNY Stony Brook, NY. May, 2000.

Michigan State University, PhD

University North Carolina-Greensboro, MA

Indiana University, BA

  •  Literary and Cultural Theory
  • Poststructuralism
  •  Frankfurt Critical Theory Literature and Science
  • Literature and Continental Philosophy
  • European Literature

My research interests primarily concern the complementarity of literature and philosophy starting with Jena Romanticism and running through the so-called "end of philosophy" in Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Derrida. My 2011 book Robert Musil and the NonModern reads Musil's Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften into connection with other critiques of the Modern, including Nietzsche, Heidegger, Habermas, and Lyotard. I am currently working on a book which uses Musil's novel to explore theoretical difficulties and possibilities for capturing Modernity in any kind of writing about Modernity.

  • American Comparative Literature Association
  • International Association of Philosophy and Literature
  • International Society for Literature, Science, and Art.