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Roberson, Matthew



Matthew Roberson is the author of four novels—1998.6, Impotent, List, and the recently published campus novel Interim. He also edited the collection Musing the Mosaic: Approaches to Ronald Sukenick. His short fiction has appeared in Fourteen Hills, Fiction International, Clackamas Literary Review, Western Humanities Review, Notre Dame Review, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and others. He lives and teaches in central Michigan.

More about Matthew Roberson

  • Ph.D., U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • MA, Penn State University
  • BA, Binghamton University (SUNY)
  • Fiction Writing
  • Postmodern American literature
  • Cultural Studies

Courses Taught

ENG 134: Introduction to Literature
ENG 201: Intermediate Composition
ENG 234: Introduction to Literary Analysis
ENG 294: Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 338: Topics in Modern or Contemporary Literature
ENG 391: Creative Writing: Fiction
ENG 491: Advanced Fiction Writing
ENG 535: History of Literary Criticism
ENG 622: Graduate Seminar in Contemporary Fiction
ENG 691: Graduate Seminar: Writing Fiction
ENG 694: The Craft of Fiction