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Carlin Borsheim-Black is Professor of English Education at Central Michigan University (CMU). Her research and teaching prioritize antiracist literature instruction, especially in predominantly white and rural communities. She recently co-authored Letting Go of Literary Whiteness: Antiracist Literature Instruction for White Students with her colleague and friend Sophia T. Sarigianides.

Before joining the faculty at CMU, Carlin completed graduate degrees at Michigan State University (MSU). And before that, she taught high school English, drama and creative writing in Michigan and Ohio for nearly ten years.

Carlin currently serves as co-editor of the Michigan Reading Journal. And, for many years, she has been a teacher consultant affiliated with the Red Cedar Writing Project and Chippewa River Writing Project. Her work has been published in English Journal, Teachers College Record, and Research in the Teaching of English.


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Refereed Journal Articles 

Northrup, L., Borsheim-Black, C., Kelly, S. (2019). Matching students to books: The cultural content of eighth grade literature assignments. The Elementary School Journal, 120(2), 243-271.

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Book Chapters 

Borsheim-Black, C. (2018). “A critical race approach to teaching To Kill a Mockingbird in secondary English.” Teaching the canon in 21st century classroom: Challenging genres. Brill Publishing.

Petrone, R. and Borsheim, C. (2008). “It just seems to be more intelligent”: Critical literacy in the English classroom. In Larraine Wallowitz (Ed.) Critical literacy as resistance: Teaching for social justice across the secondary curriculum. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Book Reviews

Borsheim, C. (2008). Book review of America’s Unseen Kids: Teaching English Language Arts in Today’s Forgotten High Schools by Harold M. Foster & Megan Nosol. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. Education Review.

2012‚Äč Ph.D. Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education
Michigan State University, Department of Teacher Education 

2006 M.A. Critical Studies in the Teaching of English
Michigan State University, Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Culture 

1999 B.A. English Education
Minnesota State University: Moorhead, College of Education 

1997 B.A. English and Mass Communications
Minnesota State University: Moorhead, College of Arts & Letters

Courses Taught

ENG 311 Teaching Literature in Secondary Schools

  • ENG 315 Teaching Writing in the Elementary and Middle School
  • ENG 508 Argumentative Writing
  • ENG 580 Young Adult Literature
  • ENG 582 Cultural Pluralism in Children's and Young Adult Literature