Philosophy Advising

All members of the philosophy faculty at CMU serve as advisors for the major, minors, or certificate.  To learn more about how the study of philosophy fits into your academic plans and goals, please talk with one of your professors or contact the philosophy program coordinator.

Program Coordinator
Prof. Andrew Blom
Office: Anspach 301L
Email Prof. Blom

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Learn more about our course offerings for the upcoming semesters.  Find detailed course guides, highlights of new courses, and information for continuing students, incoming students, and transfer students!

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Philosophy student handbook

We have written a detailed advising guide for students interested in philosophy.  Inside you will find our well-considered advice on:

  • careers for philosophy majors.
  • philosophy as preparation for graduate, professional, and law school.
  • graduate school in philosophy.
  • choosing philosophy courses to steer along several tracks: (1) graduate school in philosophy, (2) pre-law, (3) philosophy and the humanities, (4) philosophy and science, and (5) philosophy and computer science.
  • how to get the most out of your time studying philosophy at CMU.

Student Handbook

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