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Chavez, Sergio


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"Integrating Local Communities in an Archaeological Project: Experiences and Prospects in Bolivia," in Managing Archaeological Resources, edited by Francis P. McManamon, Andrew Stout, and Jodi A. Barnes. Left Coast Press, Inc., California. (2008).

"Report of the 2007 Field Season in Bolivia." (with Stanislava Chavez). A technical report submitted to the Foundation for Research & Conservation of Andean Monuments, New York. 2008.

"Report of the 2006 Field Season in Bolivia." A technical report submitted to the Foundation for Research & Conservation of Andean Monuments, New York. 2007.

"The Yaya-Mama Religious Tradition as an Antecendent of Tiwanaku" and "The Carved Slab of Copacabana" in TIWANAKU; ANCESTORS OF THE INCA, edited by Margaret Young-Sanchez, Denver Art Museum and University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln and London, 2004.

"The Yaya-Mama Religious Tradition as an Antecedent of Tiahuanaco," and "The Carved Slab from Coapacabana: Analysis and Comparisons," in Gateway of the Sun: The Tiwanaku Civilization of Ancient South America, Denver Art Museum (October 2004).

2004 Pre-publication revisions, final editing corrections, authoring an introduction, and illustrations for an original draft submitted by my late wife and colleague Dr. Karen L. Mohr Chavez, to Andean Past (Vol. 7, forthcoming), entitled "Alfred Kidder II in the Development of American Archaeology: A Biographical and Contextual View." Cornell University Latin American Studies Program.

2003 Comment on "Sweet Beginnings: Stalk Sugar and the Domestication of Maize" by John Smalley and Michael Blake, Current Anthropology (Vol. 44, No. 5, December). Chavez, Sergio, with Helene Silverman and William Isbell (eds.)., "Identification of the Camelid Woman and Feline Man Themes, Motifs, and Designs in Pucara-style Pottery." Published in Andean Archaeology, Vol. II, subtitle Art, Landscape, and Society. Plenum Publishers, New York, 2002.

Chávez, Sergio J., Richard L. Burger, Karen L. Chávez. "Though the Glass Darkly: Prehispanic Obsidian Procurement and Exchange in Southern Peru and Northern Bolivia." Journal of World Prehistory. Vol. 14, No.3 (2000): 267 - 362.

"Corbel Vaulted Sod Structures in the Context of Lake Titicaca Basin Settlement Patterns." Andean Past, Vol.5, 1999.

"The Yaya-Mama Archaeology Project, Bolivia." Willay, No. 44, 1997.

Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1992

M.A., Michigan State University, 1979

B.S., Central Michigan University, 1972

Andean and New World Archaeology

Origins and development of complex societies

Rise of food production

Development of method and theory in archaeology

Andean Iconography and Iconology