Thesis and Creative Scholarship Examples

Looking for inspiration? Here's a sample of thesis and creative scholarship endeavors of faculty and students in our Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Technology graduate program.

August 2021: Handbag Design for Self-Protection and Safety
Student: Emily Doyle
Faculty Advisor: Thamizhisai Peryaswamy
May 2021: Development and Evaluation of Conceptual Designs: Fashion-Forward Garment Aimed to Ease Anxiety in the Wearer
Student: Katelyn Haas
Faculty Advisor: Su Kyoung An
May 2021: A Study of consumer Preferences and Buying Behavior of Baby Onesies and Thermal Comfort
Student: Natalie Zainea
Faculty Advisor: Kumphai Pimpawan
December 2020: 2021 Product Development Internship Experience for 70 Equestrian Apparel
Student: Courtney Cole
Faculty Advisor: Usha Chowdhary
December 2020: Analyzing Signage Used in Visual Merchandising Displays at Target
Student: Emily Mobley
Company: Target, Metro Detroit
Faculty Advisor: Tanya Domina