Schools and Teachers

Professional Development 

We're excited to collaborate with schools and teachers. Have a specific idea in mind? We have options for one-time workshops and ongoing professional development for groups and schools. Connect with us to start the conversation.

Field trips to the Center for Excellence in STEM Education

Let's make a field trip that works for you!

We're about skill-building. We've created field trips with design thinking in mind. To us, this means focusing on: 

  • Accessing empathy
  • Identifying needs
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Ideating
  • Building to learn
  • Iteration
  • Communicating ideas 

We believe that materials are tools for thinking and learning. Whether we use recycled materials or robots, art supplies or blocks, all field trips will ultimately be focused on one or more of these tenants. 

We're flexible. We've got a new way of doing things that give you more options to create an experience that really works for you. Here are just a few of the considerations: 

Choose from: On-campus, on-location, online. In-person experiences will align with current CMU COVID-19 Protocols

We're interested in learning how this experience could fit with the goals you have for your class!

Provide your own in your classroom or purchase a Materials Kit from us to get you started.