Interveners are paraprofessionals with specialized training in working with students who are deafblind. Interveners work 1:1 with students to provide access that allows for increased independence, improved communication skills, and the achievement of more educational outcomes.

You can learn more about who interveners are and what they do by reading this Interveners Overview 2022. We also encourage you to learn more about how to earn your National Credential through the Deafblind Intervener Undergraduate Certificate at Central Michigan University.

DeafBlind Intervener Undergraduate Certificate

Intervener resources

Michigan interveners

Michigan interveners who hold the National Credential 

(People listed in alphabetical order by first name) 

  • Allyson Gould
  • Amy Harrison – 1st to be named Intervener Coordinator
  • Angela Katcher-Batani
  • Anita Kaatz
  • Ann Mose
  • April Garbarino
  • Bobbi Greer
  • Brenda Bienlein
  • Brenda Bujold – 1st in MI to receive intervener credential
  • Bridget Wakefield
  • Caitlin Wilk
  • Carol Molpus
  • Chelsea Raak
  • Cindy Pruyne
  • Dannielle Flick
  • David Haske – 1st male in MI to receive the national credential 
  • Diana Campbell – 1st Deaf person in the US to receive the national credential 
  • Elizabeth Stuart 
  • Ginny Petrie
  • Jessica Truax – 1st person in MI to have interpreter and intervener credentials
  • Kathleen Silvers – served on National Intervener Association (NIA) board
  • Kimberly Sharp
  • Lisa Graham
  • Lori Janczewski
  • Becky Lewis
  • Sarah Woodworth
  • Tawny Klein
  • Zoe Deschaine

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