Educational leadership dissertations

2023 Doctoral dissertations

Dr. Andrea-Bernadette Pratt: Military Families and Their School-Based Decisions. (Cohort 24)

Dr. David Copeman: The Lived Experience of Post 9/11 Veterans and Their Transition Into Higher Education: A Phenomenological Exploration. (Cohort 23)

Dr. Eddie V. Jones II: The Lived Experiences of Unaffiliated First-Year Black Male Students at a Predominately White Institution. (Cohort 22)

Dr. Jonathon Glenn: The Significance of Mentorship for Black Woman Who Attend a Predominately White Institution. (Cohort 24)

Dr. Kelvin Nile King Byrd: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: A Qualitative Narrative Inquiry Concerning How Spiritual Self-Care Helps University Students Improve Self-Regulation and Mental Health. (Cohort 23)

Dr. Wil Cwikiel: Why They Stay: The Lived Experience of Rural Superintendents with Exceptionally Long Tenure. (Cohort 24)

Dr. Anjam Chaudhary: Undergraduate Students’ Intercultural Communication Competence Development Through Their Overall and Integrated College Experiences: A Quantitative Study. 

Dr. Leann Wheeler: You’re On Mute: A Case Study of One University’s Reaction to Covid-19 and Student Mental Health.

Dr. Jennifer Drevon: Exploring the Relationship Between College Students’ Characteristics, Frequency of Parental Communication and Support, and Roles in Student Organizations.

Dr. Courtney Morris: “On the Grind”: Narrative Stories of Black Collegians Using Hip-Hop Culture as Pedagogical Method of Thriving and Persisting at Predominately White Institutions.

Dr. Joe Garrison: Faculty Perceptions of Shared Governance at Public Four-Year Institutions: A Quantitative Study.

Dr. Kathy Irwin: The Lived Experiences of Women Academic Library Deans With Workplace Networking:  A Phenomenological Study.

Dr. Dana McCann: Understanding Management Information Systems: The Decision to Pursue, Continue, or Leave the Program.

Dr. Rhonda McMillan: An Exploration of Middle-Level Manager’s Leadership Development: A Phenomenological Study of Their Education, Experiences, and Perceived Effectiveness. 

Dr. Quentrese Hinton: An Exploration of the Lived Experiences of Black Seniors in Multicultural Student Organizations and their Development of Noncognitive Outcomes as they Seek to Thrive at Predominately White Institutions. 

Dr. Lakeisha Simpson: K12 School Leaders' Beliefs About What They Need To Thrive In The Midst Of A Crisis. (Cohort 16)