Accelerated MSA

Save time, save money, increase your earning potential

4+1 Program for current CMU undergraduate students

Earn a master's degree in one year! Get out of school sooner and enter the job market with the advantages and earning potential of an advanced degree. With MSA's 4+1 program, you will pay undergraduate tuition for the first 18 credits of your MSA degree. Enjoy the scheduling flexibility of 8-week classes and online offerings.

The Accelerated Master's Degree Program (AMDP) allows CMU undergraduate students with a strong academic background and a "B" average to double count classes toward a Master's degree. MSA's 4+1 program allows you to reduce the total number of credits required to complete your undergraduate and graduate degrees by applying up to 18 credit hours of 500- and 600-level courses toward graduation requirements on both degree programs. In most cases, courses required on the undergraduate major may not be counted on the graduate program.

Admission Procedures

To apply to our MSA Accelerated program, you must have completed 86 credit hours and must have a 3.0 GPA. (You must have elective credits still needed for your undergraduate degree program to allow for MSA classes to be used. The GPA will be calculated using your CMU coursework and any other undergraduate coursework that you have.)

Generally, you'll apply during your junior year for admission into the Accelerated Master's Degree Program to begin the fall semester of your senior year. In most cases, the baccalaureate degree will be awarded within one year after admission into the Accelerated Master's Degree Program.

  1. Meet with your MSA Academic Advisor
  2. Submit a Graduate Admission application along with your application fee
  3. Submit the Accelerated Master's Degree Program Application
  4. Work with your MSA Academic Advisor to complete an AMDP for credit approval

For assistance applying to this program, please contact the MSA office at 989-774-6525.‚Äč

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