Teaching Certification for College Graduates

CMU eduPREP offers a pathway to teacher certification for college graduates living in Michigan. This program combines clinical experiences, online coursework, and coaching to help candidates become effective teachers. Upon completion, candidates can be recommended for teacher certification.

Initial pathway toward certification

CMU eduPREP (Education Pathway for Resident Educators to Professionals)

What is the CMU eduPREP program?  

The CMU eduPREP Program is an initial teacher certification program that offers start dates in August and January. The program is for individuals living in Michigan with a completed bachelor’s degree and who are employed in an instructional capacity by a school district.  

  • The eduPREP Program combines school-based clinical experiences in a candidate’s own classroom with online coursework.
  • The program takes approximately 1 year to complete. 
  • Focuses on helping individuals grow into effective teachers through provided coaching, clinical experiences, and coursework. 
  • Eligible grade levels and content areas:
    • PreK-3rd Grade
    • 3rd-6th Grades
    • 5th-9th Grades in Mathematics or English Language Arts
    • 7th-12th Grades in Mathematics or English Language Arts
    • 6th-12th Grades in Integrated Science or Social Studies 
  • Complete the combined clinical experiences (8 credits across two semesters) and coursework. (6 courses totaling 18 credits across 3 semesters)
  • Grow your understanding and application of MI Core Teaching Practices by effectively managing learning environments, and other essential teaching practices.   

After completing all required CMU coursework and clinical experiences in a school district-sponsored classroom and successfully passing the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification, candidates can be recommended through CMU's Educator Preparation Program for teacher certification at the appropriate grade level and content area.    

Program admission

Admission to the eduPREP program is a two-part process. First, individuals are admitted into the CMU Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction (MAE-C&I), and then candidates are admitted into the eduPREP Program. For admission into the MAE-C&I an individual must have a minimum bachelor’s GPA of 2.7 or higher. Admission with stipulations may be granted when the applicant does not meet the requirements for regular admission and evidence exists to support the applicant’s potential for success in the program.  

Once admitted into the MAE-C&I candidates can then apply as candidates for the eduPREP program. This application process includes the initial acceptance into the MAE-C&I as well as the submission of a CMU eduPREP Program Portfolio that includes: 

  • Recent MTTC results for appropriate grade level and content area. 
  • Brief summary of classroom and professional development experiences . 
  • Five-minute video of model teaching.  (prompt provided)
  • One-page equity in teaching statement. (prompt provided)
  • Completion of Teacher Belief Survey.  
  • Evidence of 25 hours of paid or volunteer work with children within the age group that the individual wishes to teach.  
  • A letter of recommendation and/or sponsorship from the school district. (Specifically, the letter will recommend the individual for entry into the program, verify that the individual is employed by the district and serving in a teaching role, and commit to maintaining the employment of the individual as long as the individual is successfully meeting the terms of employment and expectations of the program).  

The admission of candidates into the eduPREP program is coordinated following admission into the MAE-C&I. In addition, the eduPREP program admission is competitive and applicants will be informed of their admission status after their completed eduPREP portfolio has been reviewed. 


Background checks required for clinical experiences 

To participate in a clinical experience, an iChat is required. Moreover, every student must reveal any new criminal charges that occur throughout their graduate program to the program director and the Associate Director of the Educator Preparation Programs within two business days. Not completing and clearing a background check or failing to disclose a violation that later appears on a background check could result in dismissal from the CMU eduPREP Program.  
Please note: Criminal convictions can hinder students from clinical experiences, which can adversely affect their ability to complete the CMU Educator Pathway for Expedited Certification program. Furthermore, specific clinical settings may necessitate a distinct background check from the one mandated by CMU. Any expenses related to obtaining the necessary background check will be solely the responsibility of the student before commencing work with that establishment.