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Education (Curriculum and Instruction)


Program Overview

Making a difference in the future lives of students is why many people go into the field of education. The Master of Arts degree in Education with a Curriculum and Instruction concentration focuses on developing better teachers/educators and a deeper understanding of how to package and facilitate learning experiences. The program is designed for educators who aspire to oversee curriculum and instruction. While the Curriculum & Instruction concentration focuses primarily on PK-12 educators and the learning experiences of students in a school setting, the program also serves a highly diverse group of educators to examine curriculum and instruction from multiple perspectives.

Program Snapshot

Program Type: Part-Time
Location: Online
Program Length: 2-3 years
Credit Hours: 30

Why This Program & What You'll Learn

Core courses in The Master of Arts degree in Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction (MAE-C&I) provide students with a deeper understanding of: a) educational technology to be used efficiently across disciplines, b) educational psychology principles to improve teaching practice, c) research methodologies and concepts to inquire more deeply into a field of practice, d) using data in meaningful ways to inform instruction, and e) applying theory to develop of curriculum. Students can specialize to gain a deeper understanding of instructional practice, reading remediation, or mathematics instruction. This program does not result in certification for teachers or administrators but may be utilized for professional advancement. 

The MAE-C&I is designed to assist teachers and educators in improving learner achievement and builds on the foundational concepts of teacher preparation programs or knowledge from other professional disciplines. 

The MAE-C&I program requires completion of a core of 9 semester hours, which includes an integrating experience (Capstone Project, Field Study, or Thesis). An additional 21-25 semester hours must then be completed with specific courses determined by the academic advisor. All candidates for the MA must complete a minimum of 30-34 semester hours. 

For information: Kaleb G. Patrick, Ed.D., Director, 195 Ojibway Ct, EHS 314, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859; 989-774-3144,

Program Highlights

Students who completed the MAE-C&I program have stated: 

  • The program gave me great ideas for collaborating with teachers, classroom management, as well as great information on technology.
  • The classes I have completed through this program have changed the way I view teaching and showed me just how much impact I can have on those around me.
  • The focus on research-based best practices, developmentally appropriate practice, and foundations of literacy knowledge, have made the most impact on my professional practice.
  • I have been able to look at how my district handles curriculum and instruction and compare it to other students in the classroom. Each course has given me more knowledge about my own teaching and has allowed me to better my practices for my students in my classroom.
  • This program has allowed me to focus on an area in which I saw a need in my current field (Active Duty Military), which was the current procedures of the military in advanced individual training. 

Careers & Outcomes

Ultimately, students who complete the MAE-C&I will become more effective teachers in the classroom. Graduates are also well prepared for professional positions such as instructional coordinator, curriculum specialist, academic support coach, interventionists, museum specialists, outdoor education specialist, or education specialist. With a background in curriculum and instruction students may also find opportunities within a wide-ranging field professional disciplines across corporations and organizations.

Career Projected Salary
Director of Instruction/Curriculum Specialist $57,248
Program Director, Higher Education $67,724
School Principal $82,061
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