Certification to Credit for MA in Education

Turn your professional development work into earned credits toward the MA in Education: Curriculum and Instruction degree program.
  • Decrease your tuition costs
  • Reduce the time to complete your degree
  • Minimize redundancy in learning
  • The Certification-to-Credit Program at Central Michigan University is the perfect way to use a professional certification you have earned and apply it to the degree you want – saving you time and money.
Turn your earned professional development training/certifications into credit that can be applied toward the Contemporary Issues area of emphasis of the MA in Education: Curriculum and Instruction degree program. To determine if you are eligible to use any of the approved programs below, please contact/schedule an appointment with one of the staff members listed below.
For students who are already admitted to the MA in Education degree program, please contact your academic advisor via the Advising tab on your Degree Progress page, or Advising Student Services.

Approved Programs

The national Brazelton Touchpoints Center develops and applies knowledge of early childhood development to practice and policy through professional and organizational development, evaluations, advocacy, and awareness and serving as a resource for proven practices.​

As part of the Michigan ACE Initiative, join child development faculty who are working on raising awareness of the impact of adverse childhood experiences on health across the lifespan with a focus on strategies for promoting resilience in childhood.

The ability and capacity of ALL teachers, leaders, and staff to continually transform their methods, adopt new technologies, and continue as life-long learners are critical elements of education transformation. The professional growth pathway is designed to help teachers and school leaders everywhere become proficient in Microsoft technologies and learn more innovative classroom skills with fun, guided, hands-on content that's specific to their roles and goals.

21Things4Educators is designed to provide teachers with the opportunity to learn about current research-based classroom practices, along with digital tools selected to help meaningful integration of those practices in the classroom.

If you are an educator who is a super user of Google tools in your classroom, demonstrate your advanced technology integration skills with the Educator Level 2 certification.