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Elementary Education

Learn to educate the next generation as you prepare for one of the world’s most important professions

Our early childhood, elementary, and special education candidates are prepared to address the needs of the whole-child. They use relevant, research-based criteria to establish a supportive, engaging environment that fosters, learning; and best practices that meet the needs of all learners. This learner-centered major prepares you for leadership in areas of literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies to teach students from birth to sixth grade.  

You’ll choose from a variety of grade band majors. Pre-student teaching and student teaching experiences offer you a variety of options in the classroom, both minutes away from campus, across Michigan or abroad. 

You can choose to be certified to teach within one specific grade-band or choose multiple bands to expand your certification. For example, a major in PK-6 opens options for you to teach students in grades PK-3 and 3-6.

The grade band majors related to teaching at the elementary level are:​
  • Teaching Grades PK-6
  • Teaching Grades 3-6
  • Teaching Grades PK-3
  • Teaching Early Childhood, Birth-Grade 3 and Early Childhood Special Education
  • Teaching Early Childhood, Birth-Grade K and Early Childhood Special Education
*In addition to the majors listed above students can add on an ESL minor. To read more about the ESL minor please visit the program page for English as a Second Language.

Become an Inspirational Role Model
You can choose to be dually certified in special education and elementary education. Pairing special education with elementary education will prepare you for teaching all students and make you a more diverse educator while expanding your options for employment.

If interested in this path you need to choose one concentration from each category below:

Special Education Majors (Choose two)
Concentration 1 (choose 1)
  • Special Education Cognitive Impairment
  • Special Education Emotional Impairment 
Concentration 2 (choose 1)
  • Teaching Grades PK-3
  • Teaching Grades 3-6

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