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Teaching PK-3 with Special Education
B.S. Ed. (Standard Certificate B-6)

Program Overview

The purpose of the Teaching Grades PK-3 major paired with a Special Education major is designed to prepare educators to address the needs of the whole child; use relevant, research-based criteria to establish a supportive, engaging environment that fosters, learning; and use practices that meet the needs of all learners including students with disabilities. This Learner-Centered major prepares the educator in areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies to teach students in grades PK-3 in a self-contained classroom or departmentalized setting.

The Teaching Grades PK-3 major, paired with Special Education Major: Teachers of Students with Cognitive Impairment or the Special Education Major: Teachers of Students with Emotional Impairment, will prepare candidates to be certified in grades PK-3 and special education K-12.

Program Snapshot

Program Type: Full-Time
Location: On Campus
Program Length: 5 Years
Credit Hours: 64

Why This Program & What You'll Learn

Students who would like to teach in the early elementary grades and have an interest in meeting the needs of children with disabilities would be a perfect fit for the Pk-3. Students who are certified to teach in the Pk-3 band are qualified to teach in Pre-Kindergarten classrooms all the way up to grade 3 and in special education programs grades K-12.  Students interested in teaching in early childhood centers may prefer the B-K major. The purpose of this Teaching Grades PreK-3 major with special education is to prepare educators to address the needs of the whole child; use relevant, research-based criteria to establish a supportive, engaging environment that fosters, learning; and use practices that meet the needs of all learners. 

  • Focuses on Pk-3 certification band.
  • Strong focus on developing numeracy and literacy in young children.
  • Students take courses that focus on working in early childhood settings, reading diagnostics, numeracy, assessment, and science and social studies pedagogy, differentiated instruction, accommodations, individualized education programs, and transition.
  • Courses scaffold experiences with Core Teaching Practices with a strong focus on creating teachers that can meet the whole-child needs of a diverse set of learners
  • Courses integrate multiple types of field experiences. Students will work with artifacts of practice (videos of teaching, student work, lesson plans) as well as reflect on their multiple experiences in the field at various grade levels.
  • Offered at some satellite locations

Program Highlights

CAEP Accreditation advances excellence in educator preparation through evidence-based accreditation that assures quality and supports continuous improvement to strengthen teacher education programs.

Clinical Experiences represent the heart of our education preparation program and provide a wide array of opportunities for teacher candidates and other education professionals to refine, polish, and strengthen practice

The Literacy Center at CMU represents a dynamic partnership between Central Michigan University and the surrounding central Michigan region. Support area students and their families by providing instructional services in reading and writing and providing undergraduate teacher candidates and graduate students the opportunity to acquire and hone their skills and knowledge in literacy diagnosis and remediation.

Global Experiences take students to locations such as Westport Ireland, Dominican Republic, and more.  Students ready to student teach and those early in their teacher education program will explore new teaching environments with a diverse classroom and unique learning opportunities. 

Scholarships are available each academic year through the Department of Teacher Education & Professional Development to teacher education students.

STEM Education is CMU's Center for Excellence in STEM Education (CESE) that positively impacts mathematics, science, and engineering educators at all levels in Michigan and beyond through innovative partnerships, programs, and professional development opportunities.

Student Council for Exceptional Children is a student organization that is affiliated with the National Council for Exceptional Children. The purpose of this chapter is to advance the education of individuals with disabilities and to promote related, educational, scientific, and support purposes.

Careers & Outcomes

B.S. in Ed; Teaching Grades PK-3 with Special Education allows you to work as an elementary school classroom teacher, while also preparing you for additional career options.

Career Projected Salary
Special Education Teacher $61,820
Preschool/Childcare Teacher $35,330
Elementary School Teacher $61,350

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