Capstone Guides and Research Approval

Step One: Read/review the Capstone Guides

Capstone Guides

Every MSA 699 student is required to obtain Research Review Application (RRA) or Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval before collecting data. The RRA process is handled by the MSA office. This page includes MSA 699 resources, forms, and templates for the Research Review Application process as well as the Student Guide to the MSA Capstone Project, Parts 1 and 2.

MSA 699 Resources (July 2016 Edition and January 2021 update):

Step Two: Complete the research review application form

Research Review Application Process

Forms for the Research Review Application (RRA) process:

The fillable PDF will accept either a digital signature (see instructions in Student Guide) or a typed signature.

Step Three: Develop your supporting materials

MSA 699 Templates

Survey Cover Letter/Consent Form Templates (Word documents):

Interview Templates (Word documents)

Permission Letter Template (Word document)

Instructions and Help:

Step Four: Submit your Research Review Application and supporting materials to your MSA 699 instructor.

If you need IRB Approval:

Institutional Review Board Information

The majority of MSA students will complete the research review application process. Students with projects meeting the definition of research will be required to complete CITI training and go through CMU's IRB (Institutional Review Board) process. In brief, students will need the IRB process if they plan to use human subjects in their research and have the intent to produce generalizable findings.

CMU's Office of Research Compliance oversees the IRB process and applications are submitted via IRBManager. IRBManager is an Internet-based submission system and is the only method available for submitting an IRB application.

Please review the IRBManager User Guidance page for information about the IRB process and the use of IRBManager. Contact the MSA Office for additional assistance (989-774-2367). Please note that the instructor must be listed as the primary investigator on all IRB forms.

Online Training in the Use of Human Subjects (CITI)

CITI training certification is required for MSA 699 students and their instructors if the IRB process is needed. CMU has adopted the online training system offered through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).

Students and their instructors will register with CITI and complete the Basic Human Subjects—Social and Behavioral Focus course. The course must be completed at 80% or better for each module. This training must be in place before submission of any IRB materials through IRBManager.

Office of Research Compliance 989-774-6401

IRB Committee Information