About the CMUBS

The island's exceptional freshwater ecosystems, natural habitat and seven biologically unique inland lakes provide an unmatched learning and research environment. The island's abundant and varied natural habitats include cedar swamps, upland and lowland coniferous forests, beaver ponds, sand dunes, and a great variety of plants and animals.

If you are a researcher wishing to utilize resources at the CMU Biological Station, please be aware that housing and research space is issued on a priority basis as follows:

  1. CMU College of Science and Engineering instructors teaching courses at CMUBS.
  2. CMU College of Science and Engineering and Great Lakes researchers.
  3. Science education and scientific research groups (other than 1 and 2 listed above).
  4. Non-science CMU instructors and/or groups.
  5. Non-science instructors and/or groups not affiliated with CMU.