Science and engineering strategic plan

CSE is in the process of drafting its new 5-year strategic plan.

All members of CSE had opportunities to provide feedback earlier in the Fall 2023 to shape this new strategic plan. The Strategic Planning Committee, which has representatives from all CSE departments and school (including students, staff, fixed-term faculty, and tenure-track faculty), compiled the feedback they received and shaped a draft of CSE’s strategic plan grounded in this feedback. The committee identified values which were then used to frame five goal areas. For each goal area, the committee identified broad strategies and specific tactics, with metrics to be collected every year to assess the progress of the College.

Here is an opportunity over the next two weeks to provide feedback on the result of the work of the strategic planning committee. There are 6 pages, with a space for you to share your thoughts at the end of each page.

Please share your feedback with this goal area below by Friday, February 23, 2024.

The pages are as follows:

On behalf of the CSE Strategic Planning Committee, thank all for your time and your feedback in this process.

  • Wiline Pangle (Chair of the CSE Strategic Planning Committee)

Members of the committee:

  • Rachael Agardy (EAS)
  • Felix Famoye (STAD)
  • Ben Heumann (GES)
  • Katie Howland (EES PhD student)
  • Alan Jackson (PHY)
  • Jessica Lapp (CSE)
  • Dale LeCaptain (CHM)
  • Terry Lerch (SET)
  • Meera Mainkar (MTH)
  • Sharyl Majorski (CHM)
  • Anna Monfils (BIO)
  • Wiline Pangle (CSE)
  • Kegan Rojas (CSE)
  • Wendy Robertson (EAS)
  • Patrick Seeling (CPS)
  • Meghan Vandamme (SET student)