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Geography and Environmental Studies

Integrate natural and human systems to solve complex problems facing our world, such as why some communities grow while others lose population, how to design better cities and suburbs or even how policymaking can better serve environmental conservation.

A world of opportunity

Get hands-on experience with the latest technology through internships, student research opportunities and active classes taught by innovative Central Michigan faculty members.

New scholarships available

The Calkins Scholarship has $1500 scholarships available for incoming students of any major in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. Send an unofficial transcript and intended major to

CMU gave me a unique advantage by providing a major in Geographic Information Sciences (GIS), something that I have found to be very impressive to employers and has provided me with numerous opportunities.

Graduate Programs

Two young elementary students standing, one in a blue shirt and one in a red a white striped shirt,  on a giant map of michigan.

Michigan Geographic Alliance

The MGA is a network of teachers, geographers, and educators committed to using geographic content and skill to improve the educational experiences of Michigan students.

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