CMU Biological Station

The original place-based education  

Dive into the summer season with courses, workshops, research opportunities and community events – all part of CMU’s field station on beautiful Beaver Island. We offer a variety of field-based courses that take advantage of our faculty expertise, research facilities and unique location in northern Lake Michigan.  Along with college students, researchers, K-12 groups and other professionals, you can learn, work and play in the clear waters around Beaver Island. 

Nestled along the curving beaches of Sand Bay, CMU’s field station looks east across northern Lake Michigan, with access to the rest of the Beaver Island Archipelago as well as the inland lakes, marshes and bogs of Beaver Island itself.  Offering courses and space for workshops, research, and meetings since the summer of 1960, the field station offers a unique educational location to students and others for experiencing a variety of landscapes and waterways, and the great variety of life teeming in these. In its 58 square miles, Beaver Island offers a striking array of biodiversity, with distinct ecosystems available for exploration and education, as well as recreation. 

The station also provides a prime location for groups to meet, especially those interested in the natural beauty of the area and the historical background of the Native and immigrant communities in northern Michigan. 

Work Hard, Play Hard - CMU Biological Station at Beaver Island