About the Neithercut Woodland

Neithercut Woodland was a gift to CMU by William A. Neithercut, class of 1909. On the deed for the final purchase of the land, the grantor and university agreed that the entire premises would be preserved in its natural state and dedicated solely to the study of nature and conservation unless otherwise directed.

Exterior view of the McNeel Nature Center Lodge.The McNeel Nature Center lodge contains a large central meeting area, kitchenette, and restrooms. It is available for day use, but no overnight stays are allowed. Current and past use of Neithercut Woodland has included CMU courses in the departments of Biology, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and Geography, as well as a variety of CMU student organizations and community groups. The College of Science and Engineering encourages continued and enhanced use of Neithercut Woodland for academic, research, and service/outreach; particularly for activities that are technology-based. Additional use by other colleges and departments is encouraged.

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